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The Premiere ADU BUILDER in San Diego


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RITZ builds the perfect backyard ADU.


Accessory Dwelling Units are not just Granny Flats in San Diego. ADUs are now being used as Backyard Offices, Art Studios, and Boomerang Flats. Garage conversions are also considered ADUs. We have been hired to convert a garage into a gym, into a gameroom and more... ADUs are still used as Mother-in-Law Suites and Backyard Rentals, but they can be used for anything else you can dream up. The first thing you need to do is find out what you can build and then look into the cost of building an ADU in San Diego County. We can help you, just ask your questions and we will answer.

We begin the ADU Planning process by listening to what you want to do, to determine what you need from us - then we will do the research to find out whether or not you can build an ADU in your neighborhood. After we confirm that your neighborhood is approved for ADUs, we’ll come out to your home and measure the entire property. We actually build from these plans, so you can expect a lot of measuring, checking and confirming. We’ll also verify utility locations and the furnace and hot water sizes and other critical information. You’ll walk us around your home and share your vision for the project. Now the fun really begins—we get started on the actual design of your home.

Explore the possibilities!

Mother-in-Law Suite
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This type of ADU

is ideal for Aging Loved Ones


Providing a safe, affordable living environment for an aging family member is one of the most compelling reasons to build an accessory dwelling unit. These backyard homes are often called Mother-in-Law Suites, or Granny Flats, but they can be for Aunties, Uncles, and Grampies too.


Your backyard

becomes your Artistic Outlet


This type of backyard ADU unleashes the artist within. Now your studio is moments away. Step into your backyard art studio and let your creativity flow, knowing that you can close the door later and your creations will be safe and undisturbed until you add the final touches!

adu studio san diego.jpeg
2 bedroom ADU floor plans.jpeg


Ah, Your Adult Child ...

has returned or left the nest again


This backyard home is a multiple function ADU. Just think, it can serve as a private little apartment for your Adult Child when they return or it can double as a guest house or backyard rental when they are away. The options are wide open! Improve your property value, achieve some privacy or add a little income to your life.

Backyard Homes


Listen ... It's QUIET

in your new Backyard Office


This type of ADU is ideal for the entrepreneur or the stay at home professional who still needs their 'space'. This is better than a den - it offers a certain disconnect from the hustle and bustle of family life so you can concentrate on the task at hand and scratch the commute! A backyard Office is the perfect solution!

backyard office builder.jpg
Backyard Office
adu planning san diego.png


RePurpose your backyard

into a mini Cash-Cow 


Building a backyard rental is a great idea. Make the new backyard home into a rental OR move into it, rent the main house and travel! Either way, it provides cashflow and increased property value. San Diego now allows some homeowners to build an accessory dwelling unit on their existing property. Find out if you can. Call us now.

Backyard Rental


Most popular ADU in San Diego?

The Converted Garage.


Yes, San Diego homeowners hire us to convert a garage into a bedroom, or a granny flat. Some are converting a garage into an office or apartment. We convert garages into living space in many situations. For example, convert the whole garage to a room or convert the top of the garage into living space. Call us to explore your garage conversion ideas.

garage into gym.jpg
Garage Conversion

Expert Guidance | 3D Designs

Our designer takes the accurate measurements of your home, and digitizes them into full color 3D renderings, plans and elevations.  You will be invited to take a virtual walk through of the design, before we lift a hammer!   A complete proposal, with a full itemization, clearly defined payment schedule, along with the terms and conditions of your project, will be included in the Project Specification Sheet.  We encourage your input on the design, and will work side by side to ensure your dreams become a reality!  Once the design has been approved, and the contract is signed, we move onto the permit.

approved permits.jpg

WIN the Permitting Process

Permitting accessory dwelling units isn’t a clear cut process, so you are fortunate that Ritz ADU Design Build has been building in San Diego County since 1965, and has experience with each jurisdiction.  We do our due diligence, and carefully research each property prior to the design phase, to ensure we are able to build your dream.  Our Research & Development team stays current with the State, County and each cities rules & regulations, so that the permitting process runs as smooth as possible.  We submit your packages and then closely monitor the process until your permit is issued.

Wood Frame of House

Confidently Build your ADU

We’ve been building beautiful homes in San Diego since 1965. Our trusted team of field professionals now get their turn to shine!  Our Team has been working along side each other for years, so you will notice the comradery, professionalism, and expert skill set our team has developed together.  You're not rolling the dice with our team, so feel free to let out a huge sigh of relief, knowing you have the best in the business working on your home!  During the construction phase, there will still be decisions to be made, however the Ritz Office staff is here & available for you.
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Home Deck

Pre-Approved ADUs in San Diego

Take a look at RITZ pre-approved ADU floor plans in San Diego, California.

RITZ | Building Projects



built a garage conversion

1 BD / 1 BA

 See Floor Plan



built a 1 Bedroom ADU

1 BD / 1 BA

 See Floor Plan



built a backyard home

2 BD / 1 BA

 See Floor Plan

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Our Team's Focus is Your Satisfaction

Come and meet the RITZ team. We will embrace and build your vision.
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