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1 Bedroom Granny Flat in San Diego

Cadwell | Backyard Rental San Diego, CA

This Backyard Rental was built in the City of San Diego. The Homeowner wanted to add some cashflow to her upcoming retirement portfolio. This gal devised a plan to build a Backyard ADU that she could rent out on Airbnb in San Diego, CA. Since her main home is in a great location, it was the perfect plan! The ADU we built for her is a 470 sq. ft. Junior ADU. It truly is your more typical “granny flat” design with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. This design ended up being the perfect little cottage for travelers. It was ideal since it offered plenty of privacy for the guests and the Homeowner.

This type of ADU is often called a Granny Flat, ADU, in-law-suite, studios or guest quarters. These units are typically  a stand alone separate unit, or located on top of a garage, as an extension in the back yard, or as a connector between a home and detached garage. Do you have room for an ADU or an Airbnb? Call us today to explore the possibilities.

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San Diego County does not allow Homeowners to build every type of ADU in every neighborhood in San Diego. Many of our clients have come to us after they learned that their plans could not be built. Ritz ADU Design Build will fully research the permitting rules in your neighborhood before we even begin the design phase. Ritz ADU Design Build has extensive experience in walking our designs through the approval process. 







REinvest in Your Backyard

Backyard ADUs serve many functions. We have designed ADU Floor Plans for many San Diego Homeowners. We build ADUs that are used as backyard rentals, granny flats, and backyard offices. Plus, we are also considered one of the best ADU Builders in San Diego. We build an ADU that stand alone or serve as over the garage apartments and we can even convert your garage to a room or a gym. We build to suit your needs. It's fun to explore the possibilities with our team - call us today!




We provide these pre-approved floorplans as a baseline, or spring board for conversation - just a starting point. While floorplans certainly help you to identify your most basic needs, they are frequently modified due to access to utilities, the actual space available to build on, views, and privacy issues. We encourage you to contact our team to set up a time to explore your needs. We will design the right ADU floorplan for YOUR property and YOUR needs.


Get Started

with our 3D Design Service

The process begins with your idea and expands from there. We provide sample ADU floorplans to help your idea take shape. Each of our samples can be modified to fit your space, your city's regulations and your personal taste. Building an ADU can be an enjoyable process when you pair up with the right team. We help our clients to tap into their vision and navigate the designing and permitting process so you don't lose time or money on plans that cannot be built! Contact us today to get to meet with our team for a no-pressure, information gathering consultation.

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