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Mission Valley East

Mission Valley East is a San Diego neighborhood with 13,660 people.


The neighborhood is a shopping attraction with two retail malls, one on either side of the San Diego River, that sell books, discounted apparel, and casual chain eateries. San Diego de Alcalá, California's first Franciscan mission, was founded in 1769 and is currently used as a Catholic church in a restored structure. SDCCU Stadium is the home of the San Diego State Aztecs.


The median family income in San Diego's Mission Valley East is $80,530, with a median individual income of $53,726. Around 97% of people have completed high school, while others have attended some form of college but do not have a degree, and others have an associate degree. Some have a bachelor's degree, and a small number have finished graduate school.


In Mission Valley East, San Diego, there are two types of homes for sale: single-family residential homes and condominiums.


The region near San Diego is normally fairly safe, with no significant violent events. Rent may be expensive because the SDCCU stadium, malls, and river are close. You can see many different ethnic backgrounds by just driving around Mission Valley.


With 11,360 inhabitants, Mission Valley East is San Diego's 59th top walkable neighborhood. In addition to being walkable, the neighborhood has some public transit. Adams North, Birdland, North Park, and Hillcrest are just a few nearby communities.


Whether shopping, commuting, entertainment, or employment, you will never be far from anything you need in Mission Valley. State Route 163 divides it into Mission Valley East and Mission Valley West, centered on the San Diego River.


Given that Mission Valley was the site of the first Spanish settlement in what is now California, founded in 1769, and where the old town of San Diego was located, it should come as no surprise that it appears to be the center of everything.


Over sixty per cent of the population in Mission Valley East and Mission Valley West is single, and over sixty-five per cent has a college education.


While single-family houses are still available, the most recent construction has been in condominiums, townhomes, and multi-family residences, which are a fantastic place to start for people new to the market.


By San Diego standards, the typical sales price in both West and East is very modest compared to the fancier hotspots: $535,000 in Mission Valley West and $524,250 in Mission Valley East.

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