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Birdland is a triangle-shaped neighborhood. Near Parkview is the neighborhood's northernmost point, which is marked by the intersection of the interstate and the highway.


Birdland is a distinct community with 5,136 people, but it is technically a part of San Diego and is part of the Serra Mesa Planning Area. The San Diego City Council is represented by City Council District 7.


The San Diego Unified School District serves the area. Fletcher Elementary School is the only school in the community. Birdland's older students often attend Montgomery Middle School and Kearny High School in Linda Vista. Birdland is home to the school district's supply center.


Birdland came into being in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was previously known as El Dorado, but when most of the streets were given bird names, it became known as Birdland.


The medical facilities in the area are well-known. The neighborhood is home to the Rady Children's Hospital and San Diego's Ronald McDonald House. Sharp Memorial Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation and Sharp Memorial Hospital are also nearby.


There is also the Sharp Rees-Stealy Genesee medical center, which has a lot of doctors. Birdland is a fantastic spot to perch if you wish to work in the medical industry or if you need medical services close to your home.


If your interest is in real estate, it will be good to know that the area's median house value is $758,240. Many of them are on large properties, while condos with two bedrooms and three bathrooms start at roughly $624,000. Compared to the rest of San Diego's neighborhoods, this is a low number. The percentage of people who own a home is 44%.


The neighborhood began as a single-family neighborhood, but it now includes a diverse range of housing options, including apartment complexes, condominiums, townhouses, and single-family homes. The average monthly rent is $2,611.



Residents watch out for each other, thus beefing up security. Birdland has long had a diverse ethnic population, and most residents who grew up there believe it is so safe that many people still leave their doors unlocked. Residents claim that authorities are not needed because people look out for one another.


While crime statistics reveal that this neighborhood has 37% more crime than the state, the sorts of crimes are far less dangerous than the national state. There were no statistics on robberies, homicides, assaults, rapes,  burglaries, car theft, or theft since there were none. Other sorts of violent crimes are not specified in those categories, and property crime is the only crime reported for the area, with property crime accounting for the bulk.


Another benefit of living in Birdland is its proximity to everything, with the interstate and roads running through it. You can get pretty much anyplace in the city with relative ease. Birdland is a safe, older neighborhood that many residents consider an ideal location to raise a family.

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