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Kearny Mesa

Kearny Mesa is a neighborhood in San Diego's central district. It is bordered on the north by State Route 52, west by Interstate 805, and south by Aero Drive. And, on the east by Interstate 15. Serra Mesa, Clairemont, and Tierrasanta are all nearby communities.


The former Camp Kearny, a US military installation that operated in the area from 1917 to 1946 and subsequently became Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, is now known as Kearny Mesa. Brigadier General Stephen W. Kearny, a leader in the Mexican–American War who also served as the military governor of California, was the inspiration for Camp Kearny.


The first phase of Kearny Mesa's urbanization began in 1937 with the construction of Gibbs Airfield, which is today known as Montgomery Field. A name derived from pioneer glider pilot John J. Montgomery.


The City of San San Diego purchased the airstrip and 1,400 acres (6 km2) of adjacent property in 1948 as a possible replacement location for San Diego International Airport. However, the intended airport was rendered unworkable due to airspace problems with MCAS Miramar.


The extra area at Montgomery Field turned into an industrial park, and small planes were limited. Numerous electronic, aerospace and other industrial and office enterprises have been based in the area since 1955, beginning with General Dynamics. Commercial development was also occurring, particularly west of State Route 163.


The name "mesa" implies that the terrain is generally flat. Clairemont to the west, Tierrasanta to the east, Miramar/Mira Mesa to the north, and Linda Vista/Serra Mesa to the south make up the Kearny Mesa neighborhood.


San Diego's major roadways bound the area. The top side of Kearny Mesa is bordered on the north by Highway 52, while the other two sides are represented by Interstate 805 to the west and Highway 163 to the east and extend southward.


Montgomery Field is a Kearny Mesa municipal airport. The neighborhood is close to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.


Kearny Lodge, Stonecrest, and Royal Highlands are just a few of the community's residential complexes. The Kearny Mesa region is mostly business and industrial, while Auto sales, eateries- mostly Asian and American-, supermarkets, national chain stores, and small enterprises are local businesses. The former General Dynamics site is now Spectrum, a mixed-use complex.


Parking is accessible in the vicinity of the courthouse. It is recommended that you park in designated 'public' locations.

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